The school has a none discriminatory admissions policy for children aged nine months to eleven years of age. Transfer students are usually admitted up to fifth grade only. Exceptions may be made after careful evaluation of the applicant’s situation.

Applicants are admitted on a first-come, first-served basis depending on space availability. Applications will only be processed upon submission of a filled up application form and the payment of the application and registration fee.

The School Directress and/or any of the senior faculty members interview prospective parents. Applicants are then scheduled for a week’s visit to the class they are seeking admission to. Attendance in the class for five consecutive days takes the place of the “traditional” interview required of incoming students in other schools.

Applicants to the elementary program are required to present evaluation reports from any of the professionals listed in the sheet given.

The data and observations presented by these professionals provide us with information about the child’s achievement levels upon admission as well as appropriate recommendations for intervention or strategies of teaching that may help us work with the child more effectively so that we can attend to his/her specific needs.

Please attach the documents listed below to the application form:

A photocopy of the child’s birth certificate;

A photocopy of the pages of a child’s passport that attest to his/her identity;

A photocopy of the parents’ marriage contract;

A photocopy of any school evaluation report for transferees both in the preschool and elementary levels including a clearance from the previous school attended stating that the child’s transfer is not due to his being dismissed from their program and that all the fees due them has been fully paid;

A copy of the child’s report card [Form 138] for applicants to the elementary level with the eligibility for transfer duly signed by the registrar of the directress/principal of the previous school attended;

The TIMS medical record, new student and quit claim forms completely filled up.





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